I’ve always been aware of self sufficient practices: I’ve grown up on the coast of Queensland, Australia and my family has always grown their own fruit and vegetables, as kids we grew up on hand me down clothes, op shopping, recycling and making our own clothes, cooking and preserving excess fruit, having chickens running around the yard and a compost heap out the back.

My work and partner have led me away from the city and I have become converted and facinated by the pros of living the simpler country life, both as environmentally efficient practises and good economics. In Queensland I have lived in the city, in a regional center on the Coral Coast, in the bush in the Central Western part of the state and we have just moved to the beautiful southern Darling Downs close to the state border. For a long time we have made the best of the rental houses and units we have inhabited as we have moved around Queensland, however now we have realised our dream and will be soon moving to a 100 acre small holding.

While I already was a keen cook and capable on the sewing machine, I was a complete gardening brown thumb! I have rapidly turned that around and in many ways have been Growing my Green Thumbs! This is a blog of my journey from city slicker to country bumpkin and the old world skills i have developed. Many skills I have acquired while living on normal suburban sized property and have become addicted to my projects. I hope to demonstrate what can be achieved regardless of where you live.



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